Friday, September 5, 2008


Monday morning at 2 am in Dallas, President Bush and Congress killed two innocents and injured five college students. Well, maybe it wasn't the President driving the car but their lack of enforcement of our borders allowed illegal Mexican alien Uriel Perez Palacios to drive drunk, run from police and murder a 2nd grade teacher and her husband of less than a month and injure 5 SMU college students. This was the FOURTH time that Senor Palacios had been caught driving drunk!!! Bush and Congress are complicit in this crime!

This happens every day with greater frequency in the United States. Our "leaders" have allowed us to become prey to lawless hordes from third world countries. They rob, rape, steal, drive drunk and murder us law abiding citizens. Anyone who has voiced displeasure has immediately been labeled as racists (of course) by the unwashed left. Of course the DemonRats are looking to give these hordes of illegals amnesty for their votes. Then they can bestow all of the welfare dollars from us hardworking taxpayers to our new countrymen.

I blame President Bush. For 8 years, he has had the opportunity to close our least the first 4 years of his presidency when he had a majority in Congress. He actually sanctioned the McCain Kennedy amnesty bill. I predict that illegal immigration will be the biggest disaster of his presidency. After all, who knows who all has crossed that border....and with what?? I would like to see the families of these people killed ask why President Bush did not keep his oath as President.

The Bushes are looking for a house in Dallas and will be living not far from where these two newlyweds lost their lives to a drunken illegal that should have never been in the USA. Hopefully, one of the President's daughters won't be the next victims of an illegal drunk driver! CLOSE THE BORDER! NOW!

Sunday, August 31, 2008


[caption id="attachment_210" align="alignleft" width="224" caption="VICIOUS MURDERER KEVIN WATTS"]VICIOUS MURDERER KEVIN WATTS[/caption]

GOD BLESS TEXAS! Texas continues to set the example to other states in executing murderers who have destroyed innocent lives. Human excrement Kevin Michael Watts has been sentenced for execution October 8, 2008. He is on death row after being convicted to killing 3 people in a restaurant in San Antonio in 2003. He executed 3 of the 4 in the restaurant by having them kneel before him and shooting them in the back of the head. The fourth was a new bride of one of the workers executed in the restaurant. He kidnapped and drugged her, then tortured, raped and sodomized her before allowing another homie to rape her.

Is Kevin Watts sorry for the pain and destruction he brought to those families? No, far from it. Who is responsible? You guessed it....whitey! Here is what he said to the judge when allowed to comment: "I want to say that you white folks can kill me for something they've been doing for years. You white folks, you've been doing this (expletive) for years. You all started this (expletive)." Yep, whitey forced poor Kevin to kill those innocents. Predictably, after the judgment was rendered, Watt's friends and family erupted in the courtroom yelling obscenities. Why is the Angry White Dude not surprised??

A simple Google search found the writings of young Kevin on the internet and I will post them below. Also found was a personals ad where Kevin is looking for love. A anti-capital group from Canadian Coalition Against the Death Penalty (no doubt commie losers) provide sweet little Kevin and other murderers the chance to find love once they have taken the same opportunity from others. Maybe the leftist lovers of murderers would feel differently if it was one of their family who had "felt the love" from Kevin. Isn't that great? Why are murderers on death row allowed access to the internet? Anyway, here's one of Kevin's poems:

Facts, Thoughts, and Ambitions

So many nights, so many crys
I just look at the sky and wonder why
Is this my destiny is this all meant to be
I pray this is a dream cause I wish to wake to flee
This bares a strain on my brain as I grit my teeth to the grain
I fight every day to keep from going insane
The world is cold leaving a lonely man to fold
but I keep my dignity because its more precious than gold
Time will continue to carry on
its in my hands to exceed and not prolong.
because I have visions of being free because this is where I do not belong

By Kevin M Watts

Kevin, I agree with you. You don't belong on Death Row. You belong in the ground.

Angry White Dude may write Kevin and let him know that I will celebrate October 8, 2008 as a day that my tax dollars no longer to keep alive a human piece of trash.

Here is an article about Kevin's crimes:

Here are more of Kevin's lovely writings and Pen Pal advertisement:


DemonRats are gloating and joyous that Hurricane Gustav is set to hit New Orleans or close by just as the Republican National Convention gets underway in Minnesota. These people are actually happy! Billions of dollars in potential damage, oil production in jeopardy in a time of shortage and millions of Louisiana citizens displaced to surrounding states and these evil power-hungry losers are saying that God is on their side!

DemonRats have long accused Republicans of hating blacks. However, the Dims have done absolutely NOTHING over the past 40 years except make many blacks dependent on government handouts while instilling the belief that they cannot compete without government help. When will blacks wake up? Message to black people: DEMOCRATS ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS! THEY ONLY WANT YOUR VOTES!

Here is a video of Former DNC chair Don Fowler and DemonRat Congressman John Spratt that was filmed as they traveled to Charlotte after the DNC Convention in Denver. Notice at the end how the evil Fowler happily says "Everything is cool." Spratt should resign immediately and Fowler should be shamed as the piece of trash that he is. Oh..yeah...Democrats cannot be shamed.

Here is the shameful video...I hate those guys!

Saturday, August 30, 2008


The Angry White Dude doesn't watch much television. However, it seems that every time I turn the thing on these days, some a**clown named Billy Mays is yelling at me! I only have two words for Billy Mays....shut the f*** up! I don't know where this guy came from or why any company believes that some bearded guy yelling at me will cause me to buy cleaner or magic putty. I would buy some magic putty if I could clamp it down between Billy's teeth.

There are lots of commercials that annoy me...but any with Billy Mays cause me to change the channel. Another one I really hate is the Hughes DirecNet commercial with the redhead woman of a million expressions. She's like a train wreck....awful, but you can't look away! Maybe there is some justice and Billy Mays and Expression Woman are married and mutually annoy the hell out of each other.

Here are the vids:

And Expression Woman (I live to watch her say "how cool is that?"):


As we draw near to having to choose between a bad or worse candidate for President, the Angry White Dude wanted to share his thoughts on Democrats. I hate them. I loathe everything that they stand for...which is little outside of socialism and standing against everything that made the USA the only superpower and envy of the world.

I suppose it's not surprising that the Democrats have moved so far to the left over the past 15 or so years. They are currently headed by tortured, drugged out hippies from the 60's who cannot die off fast enough for me. They bring relics of their socialistic and "free love" ideology their twisted world...there are no moral absolutes, only shades of gray for every issue. The only absolute they possess is their loathing for the success of the United States. Liberals run on emotion. They possess little logic or reason but prefer to dream about Voltaire's "best of all possible worlds" where there are no evil rich people or corporations, solar and alternative power keeps Mother Earth smiling, everyone is healthy from free healthcare and all the peoples of the globe will all love each other. Isn't that nice? Absolutely insane, but nice. Like their ridiculous bumper sticker says, "Visualize World Peace." You better visualize it because it ain't ever going to happen.

But the United States is not the problem of the world. We are the shining light to the world. We have freed billions of people from tyranny and evil. We have defeated evil leaders in two World Wars only to rebuild the very countries we destroyed to compete against us. We have sacrificed thousands of our best lives and billions of dollars for Iraqis. Didn't the left cry "no blood for oil?" Where the hell is the oil? Probably going to China!

I am linking a MUST READ article. It is titled "Democrats Are Traitors to America’s Founding Principles of Freedom and Liberty." It is time for right thinking Americans to start speaking in unequivocal terms that we know who the Democrats are and we will not allow them to further destroy the country. Although John McCain is a Democrat at heart, at least he won't sell us out to Russia or the Chinese like Obama.

Please read this article and let me know what you think:

Thursday, August 28, 2008


[caption id="attachment_189" align="alignleft" width="177" caption="A SAD DAY FOR AMERICA"]A SAD DAY FOR AMERICA[/caption]

Today is one of the saddest days in our nation's history. Today, a unqualified socialist will be named as the candidate for the Democrat party. Not only a socialist, he is buddies with communists and unrepentant terrorists. A former drug user and dealer. He has shady financial deals with convicted felons. Not only that, he attended the church of a racist Black Liberation Theology following preacher in Chicago who damns America and white people for 20 years. A man who wouldn't wear the US flag on his lapel. A man who wants to disable our nuclear deterrent. A man who is the most liberal member of the Senate with only 146 days of experience. He is by far the most unqualified person to be considered for President in the history of the country. He has proposed nothing in his constant message of "change" except raising taxes and putting more air in tires to solve the energy crisis.

I am sad that so many of my fellow Americans are so ridiculously stupid to vote for this clown. The DemonRat party is now openly anti-American. It blames every problem in the world on the USA. DemonRat politicians travel the world to meet with our enemies. In my opinion, the DemonRat party is a clear and present danger to the United States.

Why is Obama the candidate? One word: black. There were other stupid, liberal candidates such as Clintoon, Christopher Dodd, Dennis Kucinich (when he wasn't in outer space), etc. that ran in the Democrat primary. Each has light years experience over Obama. But because of stupid white people guilt and the overwhelming support of blacks, Obama won the nomination. Why any white person would feel guilt for blacks is beyond me. We have been paying for slavery for 40+ years in welfare, affirmative action, set asides, quotas, forced school busing, etc.

The AWD is not a John McCain fan. AWD is conservative politically and McCain is anything but. In fact, he is a Democrat of 15 years ago before the DemonRats became commies. But I will vote for McCain to keep Obama from winning the Presidency, which would be disastrous. The unwashed left makes its decisions on emotion. That's how Obama has been allowed to get away with broad themes of "hope and change" without any specifics. The Old Media is complicit in this scam. Conservatives runs on reason and logic. We don't need a "magic negro" to lead us. Just an American statesman that loves his country. Somewhere George Washington and Ronald Reagan are crying.

Angry White Dude

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Today, the Angry White Dude ran across an article on from the Oprah Magazine. No, the AWD doesn't watch CNN and would rather undergo a colonoscopy than have anything to do with Oprah. The article was written by Ellen Tien, who writes for Oprah magazine. You know, Oprah magazine...the one with Oprah's big basketball head on the cover each month. No, AWD doesn't read Oprah mag either...I just see it in the grocery store check out. The article is titled "She's happily married, dreaming of divorce." The author explains her husband Will, "Nor is Will the Very Bad Man that I've made him out to be. Rather, like every other male I know, he is merely a Moderately Bad Man, the kind of man who will leave his longboat-sized shoes directly in the flow of our home's traffic so that one day I'll trip over them, break my neck, and die, after which he'll walk home from the morgue, grief-stricken, take off his shoes with a heavy heart, and leave them in the center of the room until they kill the housekeeper. Everyman." She goes on to describe other "middle-wife" crisis sufferers, "We are also tickets with jobs and disposable income. If we jump ship now, we're still attractive prospects who may have another shot at happiness. There's just that tricky wicket of determining whether eternal comfort resides in the tried-and-true or whether the untried will be truer."

Hey American women, want to know why fewer and fewer men are marrying? Read this article! Many (most?) American women are spoiled rotten and want everything now. American women have been taught that their happiness will come from that BMW, or rug, or $500 purse or McMansion. These things make them happy...for a few minutes. Then off to the next purchase. They have become rotten people who cannot be pleased and they make everyone else miserable in the process. They control every aspect of their husband's life. Nothing makes them happy. The AWD has had experience with the modern American ended very badly for the AWD. During a counseling session with the lovely little ex-wifey, the counselor told her that from what he had learned from the ex is that AWD did 95% of what she wanted and could improve on the other 5%....but little ex-wifey could only bitch 100% of the time about the 5%. How common is that? Wonder why the AWD is the AWD?

After divorce from an American women, many American men never want to marry again, and why should they? The wife gets the kids, the house, child support and anything else she wants. AWD knows there are some bad guys out there....but most white men are good dad's and good husbands who work their guts out to provide for their family. It's a shame that they receive little or no credit for their work. Many US men are looking overseas and finding good results where women are much more like our mothers and less like our bosses.

I strongly encourage everyone to read this article. You'll hate this miserable woman as much as the AWD. I hope her husband reads it and tells her to walk east until her hat floats! I know there are good women out's just that they are few in number these days.